Vote Right

Your vote counts!

What is Vote Right?

The goal of VoteRight is to raise awareness on the importance of voting by giving the general public information on every candidate, allowing them to make an informed decision on each candidate. While we encourage everyone to vote; we strongly encourage the younger demographics to get out and let their voices be heard. There have been movements in encouraging the younger generation to go out and vote; our intentions are in line with progressing this movement. Hopefully the information presented grabs your attention and starts ignites your path to learning more about each candidate.

Why should I vote?

Voting is not just a privilege but it is a duty that every citizen must complete. Voting is privilege that millions of people around the world do not have. Voting is our chance to come together and decide on what we feel is important to keep this country progressing in the right direction. Voting is done by us, for us. Our votes impact not only the present but also the future. Let your voice be heard!

Now what?

It’s as easy as scrolling through the candidates and viewing their profiles!